Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

June 23, 2023

April 2023 marked a momentous occasion for LDC, as the company proudly celebrated its 20th anniversary. Over the past two decades, LDC has evolved from a small start up to a thriving and recognized engineering consulting firm. The anniversary celebration was a testament to the company’s resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

As the event began, it was impossible not to reflect on LDC’s humble beginnings. Founded in April 2003 by Frank Lemos, the company started in Woodinville, WA with a handful of people working out of a small office. Their vision was to provide ‘Service Above the Standard’ and they were determined to make it a reality.

Through sheer determination and a relentless pursuit of innovation, LDC grew steadily over the years. The company gained a reputation for delivering high quality service and attracting talented individuals to join the team. As the demand increased, LDC expanded its operations, establishing offices in Kent and Olympia.

The 20th anniversary celebration was a spectacular event, held at the Bellevue Hilton ballroom. Employees and their significant others were invited to join the festivities and it was a perfect blend of reflection, gratitude, and optimism for the future.

The highlight of the evening was hearing from Frank Lemos, the visionary and Founder-CEO of LDC, who embodies a contagious enthusiasm for the future. With a passion for service and a deep understanding of the industry, Frank is driven by a clear vision that propels the organization forward.  Frank’s remarkable ability to anticipate trends and future needs allows him to guide the company through a rapidly evolving business landscape.

The anniversary party also served as an occasion to honor and appreciate LDC employees celebrating 5 and 10-year anniversaries. These employees were recognized for their long-standing commitment and outstanding contributions.  The company acknowledged their hard work and dedication, fostering a sense of pride and service among the team.

LDC’s 20th anniversary party was a memorable milestone that encapsulated the company’s remarkable journey. From its modest beginnings to becoming a well-known engineering consulting firm, LDC has continuously exceeded expectations, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. As the company sets its sights on the future, it does so with gratitude for its employees, clients, and partners who have played a pivotal role in its success. Here’s to LDC, and the next 20 years of innovation, excellence, and continued growth.