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Community Care in Action

April 1, 2024

In the spirit of community and compassion, March marked a remarkable chapter for our company as we embarked on a mission to support local food banks through a company-wide food drive.

The response to the food drive was overwhelming, with contributions pouring in from every corner of our organization. From canned goods to non-perishable items, each donation represented a gesture of kindness and solidarity. Together, we amassed an astonishing total of over 640 items, each one a symbol of hope for those in need.

What made this initiative even more special was the collective effort and creativity that went into making it a success. Teams organized challenges to encourage participation, including friendly competitions. The sense of camaraderie that emerged was truly remarkable, reinforcing the bonds that unite us beyond our daily work.

This year, among other achievements, we introduced a company match for the food drive, which operated separately from the inter office competition. All donated items were matched with the same or equivalent food item.

While there are numerous organizations and causes worthy of support, it remains vital to LDC’s founder that, as a team, we prioritize aiding those in our local community who face significant need and uncertainty regarding their next meal. This includes our most vulnerable populations, such as seniors and especially children, who may struggle to access nourishment.

LDC extends heartfelt gratitude to each of our employees who participated in one of our most impactful charitable endeavors aimed at supporting our community.