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Concluding the Decade with Holiday Spirit

December 19, 2019

As the decade wraps up, we’re excited to share with you about LDC, Inc.’s Christmas festivities, give you a glimpse of the year ahead, and extend our gratitude to our employees, our clients, and our community.

Christmas Traditions

If you look back to last year’s holiday blog, you’ll see the traditions we look forward to every year include Toys for Tots and our Christmas party. During this year’s Toys for Tots campaign, we saw some friendly rivalry arise between the two offices as employees and their families sought to donate the most toys to the community.

Throughout the donation month, the toys quickly piled up underneath Christmas trees at both offices. At final count, 205 toys were generously donated by employees and LDC, Inc. owners, beating last year’s 160 toy count. This was our fifth year participating in the Toys for Tots program.

In addition to focusing on the community, LDC, Inc. held its annual Christmas Party for all staff. The festivities were led by our hilarious and enthusiastic emcee who led group challenges and games and brought many moments of shared laughter.

Each year the festive Christmas attire contest has gotten more and more creative as the company has grown and the competition has become fiercer. This year’s winner, voted on by applause, dressed as a Hipster Bearded Sasquatch, and the runner-up dressed as the grandma from the holiday song, “Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer.” We cherish these traditions and are grateful for the comradery of our peers.

The Year Ahead

Our new year will be kicked off during our monthly all-staff huddle with an annual announcement of our company and department goals. Over the past few months, LDC, Inc. owners and managers have facilitated open discussions within teams to brainstorm ideas for improvement.

LDC, Inc. recognizes that employees have the deepest understanding of what is needed to drive company success. By gathering ideas and feedback at our annual Strategy Sessions and genuinely addressing the ideas brought up, we can strategically set goals both for the company as a whole and for each individual department.

Our goals are focused around creating the best work environment so that LDC, Inc. can continue providing the best value to our clients.

Extending our Gratitude

LDC, Inc.’s success reflects the people we work with, the clients we work for, and the community we work in. We wish you a happy and successful holiday season and New Year 2020!