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Gratitude and Growth: Celebrating LDC’s 21st Anniversary

June 13, 2024

LDC’s  21st anniversary celebration was a vibrant and unforgettable event, underscoring the milestones achieved and the incredible team driving our success. As in years past, we placed a special emphasis on honoring employees who have reached their 5- and 10-year anniversaries. These dedicated individuals received personalized plaques and were recognized by CEO, Frank Lemos for their unwavering commitment and significant contributions. Their journeys and accomplishments were shared with heartfelt appreciation, highlighting the pivotal roles they play in LDC’s ongoing growth and success.

The celebration provided a wonderful opportunity for employees to relax and enjoy each other’s company outside of the usual work environment. Colleagues bonded over a delightful array of hors d’oeuvres, shared stories, and participated in engaging activities.

The event also highlighted our ongoing efforts to diversify LDC’s business lines, showcasing new ventures and innovative projects that promise an exciting future. As we look ahead, we remain committed to expanding our horizons and embracing new opportunities. The evening was not only a reflection of our past achievements but also a celebration of our collective vision for a dynamic and prosperous future. Together, we look forward to continuing our journey with renewed energy and enthusiasm.