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How LDC Inc. is Establishing AE Standards of Design for Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

September 5, 2018

A closer look at DAS systems

As wireless telecom begins to expand to support the ever-growing need for data and speed, players in the industry are seeking solutions on how to develop better and faster coverage. DAS systems are booming in many high-rise buildings across major metropolitan cities and venues, such as amphitheaters and stadiums. The focus is on innovation to cover large quantities of customers.

LDC Inc. is picking up projects to help design connectivity for our clients to existing DAS systems across the state of Washington, which is an exciting way to be a leader in the industry. We are working closely with our clients to establish the design standards for all new DAS interconnection sites. These standards will be used as the basis for starting out any new neutral host established sites on new connections.

The current size of the scope is over 10 locations ranging from multiple-seat sporting facilities, to high-rise office buildings in city centers, to emergency services locations. The AE design plans include the evaluation of the existing rooms for heating and cooling, ingress/egress, and possible issues that may prevent optimal conditions for our clients. We are standardizing the equipment and design while optimizing each location for rack layout and overall design fit to each existing DAS.

LDC Inc. is leading the engineering and design of the AE plans that will be used for leasing, permitting, and construction.

We are proud to work with our clients on this newer technology push and to pioneer a simplified installation process as much as possible. We are grateful for the partnerships we have developed with our clients on standards that can be used across the board on all new installs. This will lead to faster delivery of services and cost effectiveness for their customers, helping us to provide even more value in the services we provide.

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Aaron Imper