Introducing LDC Inc.’s New Kent Location

September 27, 2018

Kent Location Snapshots

As we celebrate the 15th anniversary of LDC Inc. we are proud to announce the opening of a second LDC Inc. office, located in the city of Kent.  This new location will allow us to continue to provide the same excellent service LDC Inc. is known for but with added convenience to our existing clients, prospective clients, and projects located in the south region of the Puget Sound.  The Kent office will officially open its doors in October 2018.  You can rest assured that as LDC Inc. expands you can expect to be greeted by the same hardworking team of professionals committed to Service Above the Standard.

Joining the Kent office are six of our Woodinville team members: Ian Faulds, Tom Abbott Sr., Jason Tacchini, Ryan Reynolds, Rick Cardoza, and Ricquel Cardoza. They are eager to pioneer the move and work even closer with clients and new team members in the south-end region.

“We are thrilled to expand our presence to the south-end region and play such an important part in the company’s growth. We are looking forward to joining the Kent community and we are committed to bringing the same level of quality, passion and experience to our new location.  We will see you in Kent!” – Tom Abbott, Sr.

In addition to responding to clients’ needs and our desire to continue providing great services, a strong driving factor for considering expanding to Kent is our employees. LDC Inc.’s leadership has a vision for each employee to find a sense of work-life balance in their daily lives, which includes considerations such as a daily commute and affordable housing.  The new office location is a six-minute drive from the Kent train station and provides easy access to highway 167.  Whether you are an existing client or you are considering joining our team, we know that our expansion will provide value to you.

Thank you for your continual support – we wouldn’t be here without you!

“After 10 years as Vice President, I am excited to announce that we are expanding to the City of Kent.  We start each day discussing how to best serve our clients.  This benchmark will open the door to other future expansions, and our team is super excited to rally behind it.” – Mark Villwock, VP

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Mark Villwock