Community Involvement

Investing in Education and Training with LWTech

June 5, 2019

Lee's LWTech Class

Over the past few winter quarters, LDC, Inc. has engaged in a unique partnership with the Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) that showcases how our emphasis on attracting passionate employees corresponds to making a real difference in our communities. Two years ago, LDC, Inc. received a call from a LWTech staff member asking if we could help to revive its surveying class to add to its civil engineering and architectural design class offerings.

Considering that LDC, Inc. is one of many Seattle/East-side area surveying and engineering firms seeking to attract new, eager, talented employees in a competitive job market, such a partnership made sense. Our leadership was open to making an arrangement for our Chief Field Surveyor, Lee Anderson, to teach classes during the typical winter slowdown in the residential construction industry. LDC, Inc. recognizes the potential benefits of supporting students; during the summer months, we open up positions for interns to encourage students to get real-world experience and allow team members to take on a mentoring role.

Lee was excited to step up to the task of teaching a Surveying course and apply his experience from the field to the classroom. The curriculum was split between learning surveying principles in the classroom and having hands-on practice on an ample-sized surveying field at the school.

The outcome has been rewarding for the students, the LDC, Inc. team, and the surveying community. We are excited to say that one of the students from a recent course will be joining the team this year.

It is through the dedication of our employees who embrace our motto of “Above the Standard” that we have the opportunity to inspire and uplift those in our communities. We believe that investing in people for a career in the construction industry has a far-reaching impact and is a worthy cause to support.