LDC, Inc. Helps with Buildable Lands Bill

October 24, 2017

Buildable Lands Bill Signing

LDC Inc. helps with important Buildable Lands Bill legislation – Commerce study coming in 2018

It was tremendous having the opportunity to write portions of and participate in the successful passing of E2SSB 5254 – better known as the Buildable Lands Bill. This was the first of several key pieces needed to make progress on housing attainability issues as we approach the next set of Comprehensive Plan updates in just a couple of years.

The primary changes within 5254 focus on:

Reasonable Measures Timelines

Previously, Reasonable Measures identified during the Buildable Lands process were required to be addressed prior to the next Comprehensive Plan update. Under5254, Reasonable Measures findings will be evaluated as part of the next Comprehensive Plan update..

Modifies how Buildable Lands are Determined

The Bill brings more specificity into what items must be reviewed to determine whether lands are suitable for development. Particularly, an analysis of how zoning and development regulations (such as critical area, stormwater, and tree retention regulations as examples) may impact the ability to obtain the desired density the parcel is zoned for. Much of this is already studied by Buildable Lands counties but this brings more specificity.

Commerce Study

The Bill requires a study to determine how we can continue to make the Buildable Lands program even better going forward. This study will serve a number of purposes including updating the 2000 Buildable Lands Guidance.