Project Highlights

Mission Ridge Master Plan Resort in Review

March 13, 2019

Mission Ridge Zoning Map

The Mission Ridge Expansion is a Master Planned Resort application, which includes over 850 single-and multi-family units, a lodge, hotel, retail space, and restaurants. In addition, it also has outdoor amenities such as additional ski and snowboard runs, Nordic skiing, and more terrain for those just beginning to ski.

LDC, Inc. is serving as the project lead and is responsible for coordinating the application process and drafting elements of the application. This is a complex project that involves great attention to detail; we ensure that reports are compatible with each other and are also compliant with local, state and federal laws, including Chelan County code and the Washington State Growth Management Act requirements for a Master Plan Resort.

As part of this proposal, a variety of complex local, state, and federal permits are required, including the need for SEPA and NEPA review, a Development Agreement, and Master Plan Resort overlay approval. For over 50 years, Mission Ridge has been an integral part of the greater Wenatchee Valley and North Central Washington, as well as a destination for visitors throughout our region. Mission is now focused on the next 50 years and beyond.

If you would like to learn more about the Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort or are interested in learning more about the application process, you can find information at .