Clay White

Director of Planning

Clay White

Clay White serves as the Director of Planning with LDC. Prior to LDC, Clay spent 16 years’ serving cities and counties throughout Washington State as a land use planner. Most recently, he spent over five years as Planning and Development Services Director for Snohomish County.

Clay has extensive knowledge of and experience with land use permitting. His unique understanding of how to work with local governments ensures a smooth and efficient permitting process for clients. His understanding of the connection between land use law, policy, and regulation has uniquely positioned LDC to assist clients with the most complex regulatory and policy issues.

It is great to be part of a team of professionals who not only understand the importance of company culture, customer service, and efficiency in design, but also the significance of strategic planning and the connection between regulation and politics. LDC is a leader in Washington State, always proactive and ready for what is going to occur tomorrow as this region continues to grow.

Clay has broad experience at the state and local level on land use issues and policies, including SEPA, GMA, regulatory reform, climate change, and water law. He has served as President of the Washington State Association of Regional and County Planning Directors, been a member of the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board, and Co-Chair of the Regional Staff Committee for the Puget Sound Regional Council.

Clay is tasked with not only growing LDC’s client footprint but more importantly growing the planning department and mentoring our engineers and planners in land use planning and project management. He is an active participant in continuing LDC’s investment in its people in order to foster a positive and inclusive work environment where everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive!

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