Evan Sheesly

Structural Engineering Manager

Evan Sheesley, PE, SE, ENV SP Structural Engineering Manager at LDC, views civil engineering as a means to do his part to contribute to a healthy, safe, and sustainable world. He has over 10 years of experience with a focus on structural design of sustainable infrastructure. Throughout his career, Sheesley has embraced opportunities to work on a variety of unique projects across the world, including design and evaluation of new and upgraded piers, wharves, dry docks, government buildings and facilities, bridges, marine terminals, wind turbines, and liquefied natural gas terminals. Additionally, he is a strong supporter of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure and their Envision program.



“LDC is employee focused. This quality fosters collaboration across all departments and across all levels within the company, where everyone is given the opportunity to shape the company’s vision and goals. As a result, we support each other and hold ourselves accountable to exceed our clients’ expectations and produce quality work.”

Some of his past accomplishments include creating a sustainability program to develop new project and business processes that address the trip bottom line, appearing in 4 publications, and becoming LEED certified.

In addition to his technical experience, Sheesley is also passionate about helping others succeed. He has supervised and managed various teams, but also takes the time to mentor and provide technical guidance to junior engineers. It is this combination of skills with the desire to help that make Sheesley a valuable part of the team.