Evan Sheesly

Structural Engineering Manager

Structural engineering manager Evan Sheesley joins LDC, Inc. with over 10 years of experience of designing and evaluating projects worldwide including: New and upgraded piers, wharves, dry docks, bridges, buildings, marine terminals, wind turbines and liquified natural gas terminals. His passions are structural design of sustainable infrastructure and developing new project and business processes that address the triple bottom line and focus on efficiency, technology, and sustainability. A strong advocate of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, Sheesley is mindful that sustainability applies beyond the environment, to economic and social impacts as well.

LDC is employee focused. This quality fosters collaboration across all departments and across all levels within the company, where everyone is given the opportunity to shape the company’s vision and goals. As a result, we support each other and hold ourselves accountable to exceed our clients’ expectations and produce quality work.

Sheesley also exhibits a passion for helping others, going out of his way to add value to his team whenever possible. He has served as the Seattle Chapter President of the American Society of Civil Engineers and on ASCE’s national Committee on Sustainability. In addition to supervising and managing teams, Sheesley is intentional about mentoring and providing technical guidance and support to junior engineers.