Frank Lemos

President and CEO

Frank Lemos meeting in office

As an original founder of LDC, Inc. in 2003 and President since 2008, Mr. Lemos brings over 30 years of design architecture, engineering, land surveying and project management experience to the helm of this small multidisciplinary consulting firm. Grounded in the single family residential market, LDC Inc., as many other small business felt the excruciating pain of the 2008 financial crisis whose epicenter was the new home construction industry.

I believe the strength of a team that operates above the status quo or Above The Standard comes from respect and appreciation of another and the joint desire to be the best both as an individual and as a collective; it's the coach or in this case the President's responsibility to lead by exemplifying these ideals.

LDC, Inc., led by Mr. Lemos, held tight to its belief that LDC was special in how it approached engineering and consulting services and remained absolute in its determination to diversify into other markets that were less affected by the financial crisis. Today, the telecommunications industry proved to be LDC’s life boat, as Mr. Lemos championed new marketing efforts to acquire national cell carrier providers that we all know and now LDC proudly serves. Along with the immediate strategy to land work in the telecommunications field, LDC at that time set out a more long term business development strategy that would also include public works, more specifically consulting and engineering to and for municipalities and other government institutions. This meant being more involved in the public arena, building relationships in the public sector that included large prime consulting firms and with public jurisdictions themselves. Over the last twelve years LDC, Inc. has worked on several notable public infrastructure projects in King County and surrounding areas.

Under the leadership of Mr. Lemos, LDC will continue to look into the future, scanning the horizon for new opportunities to serve and service clients at a level they themselves would wish to be served, continually upholding the extraordinarily high expectations that challenge LDC to proudly perform… “Service Above the Standard”.