Kim Mahoney

Principal Planner

Kim Mahoney, a dedicated professional with a profound passion for sustainable development and environmental policy, serves as a Principal Planner with an extensive background in environmental review, shoreline permitting, and land use and development. With a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Illinois, and 9 years of professional experience, Kim brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Her career journey includes pivotal roles as an Environmental Planner and a Municipal Senior and Shoreline Planner, where she honed her skills in navigating the intricate landscape of environmental and shoreline regulations.

Kim specializes in managing complex and contentious nearshore and in-water development projects, exemplified by her adept handling of shoreline permits and SEPA review. Her portfolio boasts successful oversight of a spectrum of projects, ranging from port infrastructural improvements and essential public facility and utility maintenance initiatives to the enhancement of waterfront public access opportunities and the meticulous execution of pier demolition and reconstruction projects.

Kim’s commitment to environmental stewardship, coupled with her strategic approach to planning, makes her an invaluable asset. As a Principal Planner, she continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the sustainable and resilient development practices that harmonize with both regulatory and community needs.

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