Kyle Carlson

Director of Accounting

Beyond crunching numbers, as LDC’s Director of Accounting, Kyle Carlson is constantly seeking and examining creative solutions that positively impact the Company – both the bottom line and in performance for clients. Kyle, who joined LDC in 2017, has demonstrated throughout his career an exceptional understanding of mitigating risk, managing finances, and improving operational efficiencies.

Working behind-the-scenes on what makes LDC function gives me confidence every day that we are built on fundamentally sound principles and integrity that are followed inside and out. This is a team and a mission I stand proudly behind.

During his career managing the financial operations and interests of several growing companies, Kyle has taken a comprehensive approach in exploring and implementing systems for greater efficiencies, improving financial reports, and business operations. He has focused on enhancing and analyzing financial reporting to quickly identify trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities to ensure ongoing fiscal health and stability. In addition, he has assessed, executed, converted and/or combined accounting systems for multiple companies. This experience is essential in supporting LDC’s continued growth.