Michael Merritt

Survey Manager

Michael Merritt

In a profession that has changed profoundly with the advancement of technology, LDC survey manager Mike Merritt, PLS, CFeds maintains that no matter the method, it still comes down to customer service and attention to detail. Merritt should know; he brought a wealth of experience both in the field and team management when he joined LDC in 2014.

Surveying has evolved greatly during Merritt’s 30-plus years on the job. What was once done with theodolites and chains by a team of two can now be accomplished single-handedly with robotic and GPS instruments. Response time is quick and data can be transferred back and forth in real time. Yet Merritt firmly believes LDC is unrivaled when it comes to its drive for excellence.

In the three decades of working in this industry, I have never felt the support and genuine partnership to provide clients with the utmost customer service while providing the latest and greatest tools to its employees. I truly believe that we at LDC, Inc. are the very best in the business.

Merritt is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor in the states of Washington, Oregon and Nevada, in addition to obtaining his Federal Surveyor Certification (CFedS). His experience extends over several states with a very wide assortment of projects: residential, institutional and commercial. From highways to driveways, elevated bridges and viaducts to tunnels, airport runways to railways, strip malls to high-rises, refineries to the US Forest Service. It includes GPS, topographic, cadastral and photogrammetric projects. His team of skilled surveyors strives to get it right and is constantly integrating new ideas.