City of Everett On-Call Planning


Everett, WA

City of Everett
Project Date
2021 - Present

The City of Everett recently went through a change in leadership within the Planning and Long-Range Planning Divisions of the Community Development Department. LDC was hired by the City of Everett’s city administration to act as the Interim Community Development Director to temporarily lead and manage the Department’s staff and help ensure both current and long-range planning tasks remained on-schedule.
LDC also assisted the City with a Fee Comparison Study, in which the City’s development fees were compared to various neighboring or similarly-sized cities. The goal of this exercise was to determine which, if any, of the City’s land use, building, and public works fees were either higher or lower than the median, and to provide feedback for City staff regarding the assessment of the fees as compared to the other cities.

Going Above the Standard

With LDC’s over 40-year of combined local government experience, either working with or for local government agencies, the team was able to immediately assist the City’s staff during a challenging transition period, especially considering many of the staff were working from home due to the pandemic. Upon the hire of the new planning director, LDC was successful in ensuring a seamless transition of leadership.

Services We Completed