Buildable Lands Guidelines Update


Olympia, WA

Department of Commerce
Project Date

LDC Inc. is currently assisting the Department of Commerce with the high-profile update to the State’s Buildable Lands Program, a key element of the State’s Growth Management Act (GMA). This multi-year project is engaging a diverse and complex range of stakeholders including representatives from all Buildable Lands counties as well as the environmental, building, and affordable housing interests. The project is extremely complex and has involved a great deal of facilitation that focuses on finding commonalities among stakeholders with very different objectives and expectations. The outcome of the project will be the production of updated guidelines to be used by counties as they conduct their Buildable Lands analyses. Additionally, a housing memorandum will be created that will address the impacts of development regulations and other constraints on housing attainability.

Going Above the Standard

In 2018, LDC Inc. has conducted over 25 stakeholder interviews, 6 steering committee meetings, and a project survey for the Buildable Lands Guidance Update with the Department of Commerce.

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