City of Woodinville On-Call Permitting and Planning

On-call permitting and planning

Woodinville, WA

City of Woodinville
Project Date
January 2020 - Present

LDC provides on-call permitting, planning, and survey review services for the City of Woodinville Development Services Department. Tasks include code and policy work, land use permit review, survey review, design review, environmental review, critical area assessments, and other permit related services.
LDC is currently assisting the city on two specific code and design guideline tasks. The LDC team is assisting the department with modernizing its land use classification system by updating the land use tables and definitions chapters of the municipal code. LDC has also been assisting the with reviewing existing commercial, industrial and residential design standards and consolidating them to ensure consistency and eliminate redundancy.

Going Above the Standard

Ongoing and frequent communication with City staff, as well as our headquarters office located within 10 minutes of city hall, ensures timely review and project completion.
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