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EV Stations at Walmart
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This project included the design of a new Electric Vehicle station in Spring, TX. LDC, Inc. provided the architectural and engineering design and plans for the Electric Vehicle station, equipment, and dispensers within an existing parking lot. As part of a greater initiative to provide electric vehicle charge locations across the United States, LDC, Inc. is assisting the industry with design and permitting plans to ensure customers of electric vehicles have enough places to re-charge their cars. The design was engineered to provide 4 parking stall charge dispensers with equipment power and switchgear located in an adjacent landscaped area. These designs often include architectural engineering, and civil engineering services.

Going Above the Standard

LDC, Inc. works with national client teams on design and permitting to ensure standards are met and local codes are followed. We can help our clients with permitting anywhere in the United States. LDC, Inc.’s commitment to handle all the A&E need provides our clients with the peace of mind that they can call LDC, Inc. and we will take care of the rest.

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