Explorer Community School

Modular Design

Redmond, WA

Explorer Community School
Magellan Architects
Project Date
March 29, 2017

The Lake Washington School District is the fifth largest public school district in King County, WA and it continues to experience rapid growth in conjunction with the rapid growth occurring in King County. LDC performed the structural foundation design and anchorage for four 1,000 sf pre-manufactured modular classrooms and one 400 sf modular restroom. Additionally, LDC performed the structural design of a new exposed-steel canopy over the walkway between the classrooms and over a new playground area.

Going Above the Standard

The school district has a tight construction window for projects of this size due to the restriction for construction to occur when school is not in session. LDC worked closely with the Client, Contractor, and School District to efficiently solve problems and maintain an on-schedule project. Due to budgetary restrictions, some items were value-engineered out of the scope. Closer coordination was necessary between the pre-manufactured sub-consultant and LDC to determine the best design for the anchorage of the classrooms and restrooms to their respective foundations.

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