King County Wireless Communication Facility Regulations Update


King County, WA

King County, WA
Project Date
August 2019 - Present

LDC was selected to assist King County’s efforts to streamline code amendments pertaining to development standards for communication facilities and minor communication facilities. The County made its selection based on LDC expertise in telecommunications and in-depth understanding of development codes.

The primary goals of the update were to accomplish three key aspects:

  1. Ensure regulations are consistent with current State and Federal law;
  2. Combine 21A.26 and 21A.27 in order to provide a more effective and efficient permitting process for certain types of applications, permit criteria, and public engagement; and
  3. Include new regulations pertaining to small cell wireless facilities.

Complex and outdated codes can end up being costly to companies and Counties because they are inefficient and they slow and restrict innovation. Streamlining the code was a strategic investment into the future of developing communication facilities.

Going Above the Standard

LDC's expertise in telecommunications and solid understanding of development codes allowed the team to efficiently identify the County’s needs, develop wireless communication regulations to meet Federal and State requirements, and address the County staff’s desire of having an easy-to-understand streamlined code.

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