Lake Stevens Development Agreement


Lake Stevens

Lake Stevens Development Agreement
Ridgeline Properties
Project Date
March 2017
Total Acreage
22.11 Acres
Number of Parcels

The rapidly growing community of Lake Stevens has devoted substantial attention towards the revitalization and expansion of its downtown core. A large area of undeveloped land adjacent to downtown was sold by the City to our client for the development of a Master Development Plan. Since the site will be developed in phases, LDC Inc. assisted the client with the creation of a development agreement for the entire site which locked in development standards to provide consistency as the site is built out. The assurance of consistent standards provides predictability for design and permitting of project phases and facilitated the marketing of the project to additional investors. The development agreement was approved by the City of Lake Stevens in February of 2017 and the multi-phase project is now in permitting.

Going Above the Standard

LDC Inc. recognized that the City was nearing the adoption of new critical areas and stormwater regulations. Due to the extensive wetlands on the site, the new standards would potentially hinder the realization of the planned business district envisioned by the City. LDC Inc. worked with the Client and the City to develop the agreement and received City Council adoption of the agreement in less than three months to ensure that existing standards would be vested and applied to the site’s development. Not only was adoption a fast and efficient process, it also ensured that development could occur while also preserving and incorporating wetlands as an open space resource.

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