Single Family Residential (PRD)

City of Kirkland

Marinwood community
Project Date
July 2015 – March 2016
Total Acreage
8.58 Acres
Number of Parcels

Overlooking the Sammamish River Valley, the Marinwood community is a 48-lot single family plat located on Kings Bluff in east Kirkland. The project originally consisted of 6-separate parcels comprising 5.8 acres of sparsely forested lands and steep slopes as the properties fell off toward the valley in the east. The project had numerous challenges and constraints including feasibility issues related to stormwater and sewer outflows, resolving offsite unpermitted stormwater diversions, and finding solutions to critical areas' limitations. The final design represents a series of creative solutions to collect and mitigate onsite surface water runoff and control significant run-on from upstream offsite sources with parallel internal storm systems, flow splitters, and multiple discharges and stormwater connection points

Going Above the Standard

During the feasibility stage, LDC, partnered with the City of Kirkland to identify obstacles and develop collaborative solutions that generate predictability, inform the preliminary design, and ensure efficient use of client resources by seeking early resolution. The LDC team recognized that additional effort at the front-end of the project would ultimately result in cost savings during civil design.

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