Mill Creek Middle Housing Plan


Mill Creek, WA

City of Mill Creek
Project Date

LDC has been hired to assist the City of Mill Creek with the development of a Middle Housing analysis. Our involvement includes the development and implementation of a community engagement plan that will include website development, project surveys, community events, and working with the Planning Commission and City Council. Initial tasks include development of a GIS story map that includes connected photos of each neighborhood, to highlight existing middle housing in the city and areas where there could be opportunities for additional middle housing. The engagement will focus on connecting with the community on where middle housing should be focused and incentivized in the future. Options identified as part of this project may be considered by the city as it plans for growth and housing as part of the 2024 comprehensive plan update.

Going Above the Standard

LDC's expertise in planning and housing policy will aid the city in finding creative middle housing solutions and options which recognize the uniqueness of Mill Creek and the character that makes the city special. What works in one community may not work in another. We recognize this and ensure this is engrained into our work.

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