Monroe Annexations


City of Monroe, WA / Snohomish County

City of Monroe
Project Date
July 2020 - October 2020

LDC Planning provided the City of Monroe’s Community Development Department with administrative support in the Direct (60%) Petition Method for annexation. This annexation method is initiated by filing a petition signed by owners of the subject site that represent not less than 10% of the assessed value. When accepted, the petition is forwarded to the Boundary Review Board, where the annexation area may be modified based on certain criteria. LDC prepared legal descriptions, maps and other supporting information to help the City facilitate the annexation review process with the Snohomish County Assessor and Boundary Review Board.

Going Above the Standard

LDC was able to successfully support the City of Monroe through the annexation process virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions on in-person gatherings. The team’s extensive experience with planning in City and County environments enabled LDC to be a valuable resource in navigating the annexation process.

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