North Hill Lift Station

Lift Station

City of Duvall

North Hill Lift Station
Pulte Homes
Project Date
June, 2016
Total Acreage
56.7 Acres

LDC served as the lead design engineer for design and construction of the North Hill Lift Station in the City of Duvall. The lift station was part of a larger residential development project and, when completed, served three residential subdivisions across 57 acres. Additionally, LDC provided guidance on the forcemain design and managed acoustic, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing subconsultants through the design and permitting process. LDC worked with the City of Duvall to generate design and specification standards for the City which would be used for future system extensions and upgrades. LDC also provided oversight and consultation during the construction and testing phases of the project and completed station as-builts.

Going Above the Standard

LDC met early on with the City regarding previous designs and existing design standards. Through this collaboration, LDC brought to the City’s attention to a number of items/factors that had changed in code and function which allowed removal of costly and largely redundant components. LDC also suggested alternate components which would result in better performance and longevity at virtually no additional cost including better check-valve, gauge, and PRV specifications and up-to-date pump performance and efficiency specifications. The result was a lift station that increased performance and longevity of components, for less cost, and decreased maintenance and power costs over the long term.

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