Oak Harbor Housing Action Plan


Oak Harbor, WA

City of Oak Harbor
Project Date
April 2020 - Present

LDC has been assisting the City of Oak Harbor with development of their Housing Action Plan (HAP). The tasks for this project include quantifying existing and project housing needs for various income levels within the community, analyzing population and employment trends, evaluating the success of implementing comprehensive goals and policies related to housing, development of strategies to increase the supply and variety of housing, development of strategies to minimize displacement of low-income residents from redevelopment, strategies to implement HAP recommended programs and actions, and the adoption of a final Housing Action Plan. During the lifespan of the project, the public and key stakeholders have been engaged through public workshops and online engagement methods.

Going Above the Standard

LDC's expertise in local planning and housing policy allows the company to provide the City with timely and effective policies that will assist them in achieving both short-term and long-term housing goals for the community.

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