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2017 - Present

LDC Inc. was retained to help Pierce County develop an Action Plan outlining how they can most effectively be involved with the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) as Vision 2040 is updated over the next few years. LDC Inc. assisted the County with the development of a coordinated strategy that identifies specific policy changes supporting Pierce County goals, the development of a well-coordinated strategy and action plan to see changes through, and the development of a communication plan between county employees, elected officials, and jurisdictions with similar interests. Upcoming projects at PSRC will not only impact future transportation funding in Pierce County, but will guide the next Comprehensive Plan update in 2023. By developing a proactive strategy, LDC Inc. is assisting Pierce County as they develop a well-coordinated approach moving forward.

Going Above the Standard

At LDC Inc., we are often reacting to what is happening around issues such as traffic, housing attainability, and rapid growth in our region. Our focus with Pierce County is the creation of a proactive action plan as they deal with a series of large policy projects. With an action strategy in place, the County can go from where they are, to the place they want to be by having a plan to get there.

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