Regional Stormwater Management / Timbers Plat

Single Family Residential

City of Lake Stevens

Timbers Plat Pipes Under Construction
DR Horton
Project Date
Jun. 2014 – Present
Total Acreage
70 Acres
Number of Parcels
Number of Units

The Timbers Plat is a 70-acre, 250-lot single family subdivision in the City of Lake Stevens, WA. Project design and construction have spanned several years. LDC has led the consultant team through intricate permitting and entitlement issues, coordinated all permits with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife along with the Army Corps of Engineers, and provided cost-effective project design. This project involved numerous community stakeholders and relied on an innovative regional stormwater facility; four separate stormwater detention facilities, including a regional stormwater facility, were all designed by LDC.

The scope of this project included a mile of offsite public road and road frontage improvements along with the design of sewer main improvements for the regional sewer district. These will eventually serve not just the proposed plat, but also significant future residential development in the region. As a result of the development of their project, a large park area was dedicated to the City of Lake Stevens and over 30 acres of natural area were deemed protected for wildlife habitat.

Going Above the Standard

LDC was able to find innovative solutions to a number of difficult engineering problems, in particular those associated with the construction of offsite road frontage improvements.

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