Ryan Hill Neighborhood Study

Neighborhood Study

City of Tukwila

Ryan Hill Land Use Map
City of Tukwila
Project Date
October 2017 – March 2018
Total Acreage
136.47 Acres
Number of Parcels

LDC Inc. was hired by the City of Tukwila to perform a land use and infrastructure analysis for the Ryan Hill neighborhood, the first comprehensive study for the neighborhood since its annexation into the City in 1989. As part of the study, LDC Inc. worked beside City staff to develop three land use scenarios for the neighborhood by assessing existing infrastructure, existing land use patterns, topographic and environmental constraints, future infrastructure costs, and overall developability. The primary goal of the study was to identify key areas where reinvestment could occur and what the potential costs of extending infrastructure to identified areas might be. Public outreach through flyers, open houses, and surveys was conducted as part of this study to engage residents and property owners.

Going Above the Standard

As a multidisciplinary firm, LDC Inc. was able to bring its in-house planning and engineering expertise to the project by evaluating land use scenarios within the context of real-world development and engineering constraints. The involvement of both practice areas ensured that the primary objectives of this project, being the assessment of developability and infrastructure cost estimates, were able to be realized.

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