Silver Lake Apartments


Snohomish County

Silver Lake Architectural Plans
The Wolff Company
Project Date
August 2016
Total Acreage
7.26 Acres
Number of Units

The Silver Lake Apartment project was approved in November 2017. It is a 192-unit multifamily redevelopment project composed of 10 buildings and located at the intersection of I-5 and 128th St SW in Snohomish County. In addition to survey and engineering services, LDC Inc. prepared a site feasibility analysis report on behalf of the Wolff Company looking at how the site could best be developed given limiting factors such as site geography, zoning, open space requirements, local transportation systems, utilities, and Snohomish County regulations and impact fees. As part of this project, we helped coordinate with our client and Snohomish County Parks to reroute the Interurban Trail through the project site which was tremendous for our client and the County. The site is currently in development.

Going Above the Standard

LDC Inc.’s research and preliminary coordination with Snohomish County allowed the client to increase their proposed unit count from 168 units to 192 units. LDC Inc. also facilitated discussions between The Wolff Company and Snohomish County Parks Department regarding relocation of the trail allowing the client to take advantage of the trail area as part of their on-site recreation requirements which waived the associated park impact fees for the site.

Services We Completed