Snoqualmie Housing Action Plan


Snoqualmie, WA

City of Snoqualmie
Project Date

LDC was hired by the City of Snoqualmie to develop their Housing Action Plan (HAP). The tasks include developing a Housing Needs Analysis and evaluating the success of implementing current comprehensive goals and policies related to housing. In addition, the HAP includes specific strategies and actions for implementing code and policy the city could take in the future to help address housing needs. The project has included strong community engagement and working with the Planning Commission and City Council. Strategies and actions developed as part of the project should assist with providing housing options the city can consider as part of its 2024 Comprehensive Plan update. This is especially important for the city given there is a very small number of buildable lands available for additional housing.

Going Above the Standard

The City of Snoqualmie has very little capacity to be able to accommodate future population growth. The LDC team has worked closely with the city to develop unique options the city could consider to solve this challenge.

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