UGA Docket Applications

Feasibility Report

Snohomish County

UGA Docket Application Map
LDC, Inc.
Project Date
October 2016
Total Acreage
136.47 Acres
Number of Parcels

The Snohomish County UGA Docket Application applied for by LDC involved the assessment of 112 parcels comprising 136.47 acres just outside of the Southwest Urban Growth Area. A feasibility study was conducted gathering site information including available utilities, nearby road improvement projects, critical areas, current and future land use and zoning, applicable fees, and the overall UGA docket process timeline. Part of this report involved the creation of large GIS maps depicting the data in a visually pleasing manner for the benefit of both local land owners and County Officials. This project involves coordination with the Snohomish County Planning and Development Services Department, County Council, Public Works, utility districts, transportation consultants, land owners, and developers in order to provide a strong case for this application. This docket application is currently being processed.

Going Above the Standard

LDC’s research and preliminary coordination with Snohomish County allowed significant research to be completed prior to the docket application’s due date. This has allowed LDC to approach both land owners and developers with hard data backing up the feasibility of future developments in this area and help facilitate conversations leading to potential land deals.

Services We Completed