Walla Walla County On-Call Permitting and Planning

On-Call Permitting and Planning

Walla Walla County, WA

Walla Walla County
Project Date
November 2019 - Present

Walla Walla County hired LDC to provide assistance to the County’s Community Development Department with permit review, code development, and long-range planning assistance, including comprehensive plan amendments and public outreach and engagement. Our team also provides ongoing support to the County for general permitting questions.

Going Above the Standard

In January 2020, the County experienced unprecedented flooding in many areas of the County. In an effort to support County leadership and staff, the LDC team visited the County to evaluate the flooding, visited with local permitting agencies, and provided permitting recommendations and support. Following the visit, LDC’s team developed GIS maps which documented the extent of the flooding, providing valuable information to County staff and property owners in order to determine permitting requirements and Federal funding for flood damage.

Services We Completed