The LDC, Inc. Approach

LDC, Inc. utilizes our resources and expertise to provide services in wireless telecom development that range from land surveying and site mapping to construction plans. Furthermore, we will produce an engineering design that incorporates the most current, cost-effective technologies. All services are performed in-house in order to maximize efficiency and turnaround time.

As a contractor doing cell site modifications for a major carrier, I can always count on LDC, Inc.’s extremely knowledgeable team of engineers and professionals to provide me with a timely product that is not only accurate and detailed, but also correct the first time.

Peter Bender, Project Manager, MD7

Above the Standard

LDC, Inc. utilizes years of experience in wireless telecom to provide clients with optimal and efficient design that meets the needs of all stakeholders. LDC, Inc. has extensive experience in custom buildings for equipment/antennas such as new steeples, clock towers, silos, penthouses, and screening using FRP.

LDC, Inc. provides the full set of drawings necessary to complete zoning approvals, building permits, and the construction drawing needs of our clients on a variety build types including raw land, roof tops, custom designed clock towers, steeples, small cell, and DAS.

LDC, Inc.’s structural department works hand-in-hand with our architectural design team to ensure all builds comply with codes and provide the most cost effective construction for those designs.

The LDC, Inc. survey team provides tower mapping, 1A location surveys, site boundary, topographical surveys, and construction staking all to be used for each site layout by our civil, structural, and architectural team.

LDC, Inc. has extensive site grading and storm water experience on some of the toughest sites in the state and can provide unsurpassed Final Site Grading and Drainage Plans. These plans include Road Grading, Detailed Site Grading, Horizontal Storm Pipe, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP).

LDC, Inc. has years of experience working with local jurisdictions to get our projects approved. Understanding the ins and outs of each requirement and processes for gaining approval has lead us to quickly and effectively obtain permits.

LDC, Inc. staff has the knowledge and understanding of the leasing process to get our clients the best deal possible in the quickest amount of time.

LDC, Inc. can expertly obtain important information on potential and existing sites that are key to get the deliverables completed to the benefit of our clients. This includes jurisdictional document procurement, field walks, or searches within online servers for all necessary information to complete site work.

Above the Standard